Canadian Company Mobio in mobile barcodes

Canadian company Mobio has appeared on GoMo many times now – because it has a tendency to do interesting things with mobile barcodes. Now it has announced a deal with communications and media company Shaw to place marketing and payment barcodes on TV in Canada.

What’s the story?

Mobio’s full name is Mobio Identity Systems – while it refers itself as an “identity management” company, we’re mostly interested in it because of its use of barcodes for marketing and payment system. In particular, Mobio has a habit of sticking barcodes in places you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to go, but which nevertheless seem extremely useful. For example, it placed barcodes on the back of seats in a Florida sports stadium – scanning them brought a menu up on your phone that allows you to order food and drinks to your seat.

Today’s announcement is a partnership with Shaw Communications Inc. This is a pretty diversified company – it operates in a lot of different media and communications sectors, including internet/broadband, television, telecoms and programming content. It has just signed up to a 15 month initial contract to become the official broadcast reseller of Mobio’s payment and marketing apps to advertising agencies, media buying services and direct clients across Canada. The services it will be reselling will be entirely TV-based. Shaw will display Mobio barcodes on its television programming, to allow for both marketing and payments.

What will that actually do?

Let’s say I’m a retailer, and I’ve got a TV ad deal with Shaw. If I now take them up on their Mobio reselling offer, I can place barcodes into my TV ad that will accomplish two things. First, it can allow viewers to interact with my ad by means of scanning the barcode – I can send personalized offers, extra information or coupons to their phone. Second, it can begin a payment process, so consumers could actually order and pay for something in the ad by scanning the code.

What we think?

I’m somewhat conflicted about this release. It is a brilliant idea – but it certainly isn’t the first time this idea has been had. Barcodes have appeared on TV ads before, and always ran into the same problem: barely anyone scanned barcodes. Barcode scanning is definitely becoming more prevalent, as usage stats from scanning platforms show, but I’m still not confident that the audience exists to support a wide-scale rollout of barcode emplacements in TV ads.

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