A Brand Platform Can Operationalize Your Strategy Plan

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A Brand Platform Can Operationalize Your Strategy Plan

  1. Brand Platform Can Operationalize Your Strategy Plan

    A few days ago I read a university’s strategic plan. Within the document was made mention of a brand initiative. Most organizations, higher education included, have undertaken or are planning to undertake a brand initiative. The intent is for the organization, in this case a university, to more effectively position itself in the competitive market place of higher education.

    When brand initiative’s start or when they are reignited they usually appear as a strategic priority or a bullet point in the strategic plan. The good news is that the organization understands that the equity in their brand is critical to sustainability. Once the brand development process takes shape and stakeholders understand that branding is not advertising, but the alignment of the organization’s internal culture with its external culture, the value of branding increases and people realize this process is more than a bullet point on a plan.

    They begin knowing that the brand platform should be the organization’s overarching strategy. They have the aha moment that the brand strategy is the business strategy. The brand platform becomes the key to operationalizing the strategic plan. The strategic plan is more than a document that is required, it is the metamorphosis from which brand champions are born. It is a wonderful thing to experience.

    Rex Whisman

    BrandED Consultants Group

    Kind regards, Rex Whisman Principal
    BrandED consultants group LLC


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