Published on Friday, April 29th by Tony Dennis

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Published on Friday, April 29th by Tony Dennis

Published on Friday, April 29th by Tony Dennis

Rating: Unlimited free tagging for Android users

By negotiating the first exclusive App sponsorship deal ever agreed by eBay anywhere in the world, Music recognition specialist, Shazam, is now providing Android users with unlimited free tagging. This update to the Shazam Free App – which usually comes with five tags per month – will enable n users to receive free unlimited Shazaming until January 1st 2012. So get onto the Android Market and download it now! The update also incorporates a new deal with Facebook, too.“Android Shazamers now have access to the ‘Shazam Friends’ social feature, allowing them to share their music discoveries with their Facebook friends and family,” said Alex Musil, executive vp with Shazam.

Ads will replace this boring blue screen

“While simultaneously discovering exciting new music and content themselves in a continuously updating feed.”

Musil added, “”eBay is a brand people know and love, and we’re excited to announce them as our exclusive sponsor.”

Upon updating or installing the latest version of the app, a new ‘Friends’ tab will appear.

Using it, once Shazamers log into their Facebook accounts and confirm that they would like to connect and share with friends, a whole host of new facilities opens up.

For example, they’ll be able to see all recent tags from a particular friend in one list as well as adding friends’ tags to their own Shazam tag list.

Shazam also says that where available, they’ll be able to use streaming services to play the song from their playlist.

Plus, they’ll be able to purchase tracks – presumably through eBay?

Shazam Friends has already available in both the Shazam Free and Encore (paid-for) version of the Shazam apps on Apple’s iOS devices.

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