>Published on Monday, May 2nd by Bena Roberts


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Published on Monday, May 2nd by Bena Roberts

Published on Monday, May 2nd by Bena Roberts

GoMo News would like to welcome a new start-up in the mobile advertising and marketing space. The company is called Yoohoot and it is based in Dana Point California.

What does Yoohoot do?

Basically it offers a white-label local advertising platform for publishers and advertisers.  The key behind the advertising is loyalty programmes and coupons.

Is this new?

Well the first time I heard of Yoohoot I dismissed it as a “u2” type of copy cat company.  But my mind has changed recently after meeting several leaders of mobile advertising companies.  I have heard time and time again that “local advertising brings in the real money”.  The quality of personal or targeted ads based on location is the money maker in comparison to “hit and miss” global ad push solutions.

At the start mobile advertisers just targeted everyone with the same ads to get some click through.  But now technology is much more advanced and local merchants will pay over a dollar for the sale or click through.  This means that getting three local clicks can make the same as a few hundred low end few cent clicks for vendors.  Global brings volume –but local brings dollars.

“Our solution isn’t another daily deal platform, it is a comprehensive, location based, customer loyalty solution” explains Gerry Goldstein, CEO  “Partners can now bring much needed, geo targeted advertising services to their business customers under their own label.”

What Yoohoot says

The Yoohoot solution consists of the following key components: Campaign Delivery Platform, Web Administration for Campaign Management, Real-Time Location Tracking, Consumer Profiling Engine, Push Notification Engine, and Analytics. Consumers interact with Loyalty Programs, Daily Deals, Last Minutes Deals, and Coupon campaigns via the iPhone App, by Email, on the Web, and via activity streams in social networks.  With its focus on mobile, the Yoohoot platform takes advantage of real-time location and user profiling to deliver targeted offers to nearby consumers via push notifications.  Consumers interact with the promotions to learn more about the business, view product photos, obtain a vendor map and driving directions, place a call, mark as a favorite, and share interesting businesses and offers with friends and family via email or Facebook.  All consumer interactions with offers and redemptions are tracked and can be used for enhanced profiling and targeting for future campaigns as well as for business owners and marketers to analyze campaign performance, optimize future promotions, and calculate profitability and ROI.

What we think?

I got some insight (under NDA) on this company and I have met the founders personally.  This is definitely one to watch and with the number of local advertisers already I will be using it when I holiday in CA in  June!  Mobile loyalty is the future of retail and this service offers that.

No but seriously.  I remember an interview I had with Alexandre Mars of PhoneValley and him telling me that it was his local business that got eaten up to create value and that local is always the way to start a business. 

Good luck Yoohoot!


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