Nielsen and 4INFO bridge the gap between advertising and shopping

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Nielsen and 4INFO bridge the gap between advertising and shopping

Published on Thursday, May 5th by Cian O’ Sullivan

Nielsen and 4INFO bridge the gap between advertising and shopping

Today see’s the launch of a very interesting service from the realms of in-store marketing and mobile measurement. Mobile advertiser 4INFO has joined forces with marketing and measurement powerhouse Nielsen Catalina to provide advertisers with real results on how many sales have been driven by their mobile advertising efforts.

Who’s involved here?

Nielsen Catalina is a joint-venture between two larger companies. Nielsen you’ve probably heard of – it’s one of the biggest forces in consumer measurement and reporting in the world. Around the world, Nielsen keeps an eye on what people buy and watch, and how they do it. Its reports are critically important for consumer-facing services all over globe.

Catalina is an in-store marketing company – it operates on the assumption that the best place to advertise to someone is when they are actually in a shop, with their wallet out, ready to purchase. Importantly, the Catalina service is driven by shopper behavior – it distributes coupons, promotional offers and other loyalty-generating marketing materials based on what the shopper is buying. These are printed out on the spot, behind the counter, and handed to the consumer with their change at the point-of-sale.
Neilsen Catalina is teaming up with 4INFO, which is primarily an SMS advertiser. Using the AdHaven platform, it’s ad network also operates across smartphones, in-app and on the mobile web.

What’s the deal?

The two companies are teaming up to share their databases. Nielsen Catalina claims to track the shopping behavior of 60 millions shopper households. 4INFO claims to record data from 70 million different mobile owners. By co-operating on a single campaign, and cross-reference the results collected over a long period, they claim they will be able to provide retailers and brands with an exact number for how many sales of a product were attributable to a mobile campaign.

Mike Nazzaro, CEO of Nielsen Catalina Solutions says ”advertisers are demanding more accountability today, particularly as mobile becomes an increasingly integral part of their marketing mix… this new mobile offering will measure actual changes in a CPG brand’s sales volume based on exposure to the brand’s ad on 4INFO’s mobile advertising network.”

What we think?

A lot of things are really starting to come together in mobile, and this story highlights quite a few of them: shopping, marketing, analytics and reporting. But the combination of databases may be the most important, exciting and vaguely threatening of the whole lot. For companies that have services in place on a mobile device, it is possible for them to collect quite a staggering amount of information about the person who owns that device. Even if it does completely anonymously, with no privacy threats to the individual consumer, data-mining can construct extremely detailed models about the ways in which shoppers interact with retailers, spend money, and think about advertising. And, as Google and Apple have been repeatedly showing us, this kind of information is being constantly collected whether or not we want it to.

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