>Mobile Vouchers to be the next big thing?


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Mobile Vouchers to be the next big thing?

Published on Wednesday, May 4th by Cian O’ Sullivan

We have had many ideologies such as Marxism and now there is a new kid is on the block, Buckleyism.  Yes. Without fail where there is fire there is always more fuel and now our very own mobile celebrity Russell Buckley has joined a mobile voucher company.

What does this mean?

Well, at GoMo News we have followed Mr. Buckley for years.  He started his plight in mobile with LBS services and he remains a die hard believer in them. But unfortunately after several years of trying, LBS gave him the red card.  He then moved on to MobHappy times and joined AdMob one of the first mobile advertising networks.  This time he hit the Jackpot.  As Beckham might be to football, Buckley has become to mobile marketing.

Anyway, to cut a lovely mobile journey into a few sentences, the lovely Mr. Buckley has surprised us once more.

This time he has done the unthinkable and joined what I have only recently called a sinking ship and jumped on the mobile code bandwagon.


Yes.  Today he joined the Mobile Voucher Company Eagle Eye Solutions as CMO.   I was astounded by this and called him for a his reasoning immediately.  This is what he had to say:

“I’ve been saying for a long time that Vouchers are going to be the next Billion Dollar opportunity in mobile. But like any business sector, timing is the critical factor to success. The voucher space feels like it’s going to happen now and it’s early enough that there’s no strong incumbent to dislodge. At the same time, Eagle Eye has a tried and tested product that’s being rapidly deployed in retailers today and has the potential to rapidly scale from here and I look forward to being part of another successful mobile marketing venture.”

What we think?

You know what, maybe Russell has a point.  Timing is everything and critical mass might just happen.  I have been frustrated with codes and loyalty for some time but as I said yesterday with the company Yoohoot.. mobile vouchers and loyalty might just be hitting the tipping point.


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