Are You Keeping A Brand Photo Album Of Your Story?.

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Are You Keeping A Brand Photo Album Of Your Story?.

By: Deborah Shane on June 27th, 2011 at 3:00 pm
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My Mom Ruth was big on keeping photo albums of me and my two brothers until we were about 10. These albums showed the birth, infant, kids, and children pics of us to coming into our own as we grew up. Seeing those physical and personality changes is always fun, but they also tell a story about us.

They showed us in action in school with friends, doing hobbies, vacations, family, and sports. They showed us growing through hair styles, clothes styles, shoe size and toy and game trends.

Our personal and professional brand should show and tell this same story. That’s what makes us all authentic, real, organic, living beings and not just some text and images on a web page or blog. Over the past 4 plus years the evolution of me and my business is well documented on my sites, and social media platforms.

Are you keeping people up to date?

When I put my first website up in February 2007, for Train with Shane it was pretty much text about what I did and provided. As I lived the business and delivered  the events and activities of my services, I got to add pictures and testimonials about people experiencing the benefits and results of what I did and what they got out of it, as well as my connection to the community I lived in.  The site came alive with real people and my brand came alive with my tangible value.

Are you keeping a  brand photo album of your brand story and keeping people up to date on what you are doing and how you are growing your impact?

Three platforms to tell your story

Here are three platforms you can use to keep a “brand photo album” and keep telling your story.

1) Pictures organized and grouped on Facebook, Flickr, your website, blog.

2) Written and video testimonials of your work results from colleague relationships, networking connections, long term personal friendships.

3) Blog posts and articles that share your ideas, expertise, wisdom, experiences, knowledge either you on your own blog or writing for others.

Keeping a “brand photo album” is not only fun but for someone that doesn’t know you, it’s a way for you to speak and brand yourself and make a connection and impression that just may lead to a referral, sale or new business friend!


Deborah Shane is an author, entrepreneur, radio host and expert. She is the heart and soul  of her business education and professional development company, Train with Shane and is in her third year of hosting a weekly business radio show on She writes for several national business, career and marketing blogs, and websites including,,, and Her new book Career Transition-make the shift-the 5 steps to successful career reinvention is available now on Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogtalkradio @Deborah Shane, or visit

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